C l i c k   I m a g e   t o   E n l a r g e

Teal Eyes

Butting Heads

Reflections of a Crane

Just Ducky

Give Me Shelter

Egret Regrets

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Anvil Cloud

Broke Dam

The Solace of Wings

Talk'n Turkey

Cold Gulls

A B O U T   T H E   P  H O  T O G R  A P H E R

Mirror Mountain

Got the Itch

Desert Fence

Sweet Donkey

Mountain Trestle

Through the Door

Pillars of Stone and Wood

Sedona Vision


Canyon Pines

Blue Door

Wooden Frame

V  I  E  W    O  T  H  E  R    G  A  L  L  E  R  I  E  S